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Nexstgo launches latest gaming dock and smart living products in CES 2020


Nexstgo launches latest gaming dock and smart living products in CES 2020

Combining hints of Gothic architecture portrayed via contemporary aesthetics


ADMIROR named CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree 



Hong Kong, 23rd January 2020 – CES 2020 closed successfully last week, and as one of the key exhibitors, Nexstgo showcased its newest products to visitors including its flagship laptop and range of accessories. Nexstgo strives to deliver the best of the best for its customers, in driving improvements in performance of hardware and software, and also by bringing a spirit of innovation and artistic sense to its products as well. Through its various products and gear launches, Nexstgo brings to market a new era of inspirational electronics.


ADMIROR named the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree

Last year, Nexstgo launched the AVITA ADMIROR series with the theme of “#You Can Be”. The ultra-slim and lightweight ADMIROR is the latest laptop/notebook entry-level device from the fashion-minded AVITA brand. Drawing inspiration from Gothic architecture, high fashion and colorful modern style, the ADMIROR boasts an aesthetic beauty the consumer laptop and tech community has not seen before. Outward appearances aside, ADMIROR comes packed with tech must-haves and state-of-the-art components. Giving power to the individual, ADMIROR’s superior and artistic design draws not only admiration from others, but also the attention of CES 2020 which granted the latest products the title of CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree.


Nexstgo NX102 – embedding a 15-inch screen into a 14-inch frame size

Not limited to pursuing innovation through classic design, Nexstgo also achieves breakthroughs in hardware implementation. The Nexstgo NX102 is a special 15-inch ultrathin commercial laptop using a 14-inch chassis, keeping a smaller chassis size but offering a better viewing experience. The flagship product passes multiple US military-style test standards, while NX102 outranks rivals with better performance over a longer duration with the application of 8th or 10th generation CPU processing power.


Exclusive gaming plugin to improve entertainment performance

Apart from business use, Nexstgo also allows users to connect NX301 to the new Gaming Dock directly through the Thunderbolt 3.0 port on the device to boost performance for playing PC games. Together with the AMD high-end RX570 graphic card, Nexstgo introduces a new concept of ‘Commercial Gaming’ to the market. Users can carry NX301 back-and-forth to work with great ease, using the same device at work and for gaming purposes.


Latest AVITA accessories to cover all kinds of needs

Nexstgo also showcased its latest wireless headphones and speakers, featuring a choice of different colors for customers to select from. Moreover, Nexstgo launched a brand-new power bank with 20,000mhA of capacity. The charger is applicable to all products developed by Nexstgo, including AVITA laptops and other electronic products through the USB-C port. From now on, users can enjoy a worry-free experience on the go without having to seek out a power socket to connect the AC adaptor.


Enhancing Internet of Things to improve smart living experiences

Nexstgo has also worked to make static furniture become a part of your home network. Smart Desk is a stylishly designed piece of furniture with built-in speakers that can be connected into your home network and controlled by a mobile phone. With the concept of Smart living and Smart Health, Nexstgo is also introducing a smart home assistant, a virtual helper using the Internet of Things (IoT) to gather useful data to improve the daily lives of customers.



Mr. Alex Chung, CEO of Nexstgo said, “Nexstgo strives to achieve improvement in products. We are not only updating our hardware to match the rapid development of commercial and gaming software, but we hope to show our innovation in various aspects through creating an astonishing new design of products and developing diversified products series. We will continue crafting a comprehensive platform for our customers, bringing them a different user experience and a sense of freshness in the modern world.”