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Introducing Blockchain PC
* Individual software provider supported by Jasmy Incorporated, Jasmy Secure PC solution(Japanese): Jasmy Secure PC Solution
All AVITA PCs are Blockchain Applications ready!
With everything connected to the Internet, Privacy Concern is the key. Whether it is personal or corporate use, protecting the privacy to avoid data leakage is essential.
Here’s where you need AVITA Blockchain PC.
Why Choose AVITA Blockchain PC?
Convenient Usability
Hassle-Free Management
Affordable Solution
Optimized PC Performance
Who should use AVITA Blockchain PC?
AVITA Blockchain PC is for PC users who require
Target Segments of AVITA Blockchain PC
3 Features of AVITA Blockchain PC
Prevent Data Leakage with Superior Privacy Settings
Protection against Data Leakage
Visualize and Update Your PC's Business Status
Comprehensive PC Operations Analysis
Manage Your PC Remotely with Ease
Supercharge Your Small Business
Optimize The PC Functions and Productivity with Remote Restriction
Keep Your Data Safe and Secure
Revolutionize Your Mobile Laptop Experience with AVITA Blockchain PC
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